About Us

Your leaders are men and women who have gone through similar addictions, hurts, hang-ups and harmful behaviors and have been through this or a similar Recovery Program. They are not counselors and do not offer any professional clinical advice. They are fellow strugglers like you who have walked through similar circumstances to those you face and are willing to share their experience, strength and hope with you. Here are some words of encouragement for you:


The issues in my life used to be a well-guarded secret. Through recovery, I shared “the secret” and learned an even bigger secret: Satan loves secrets. By keeping me isolated with shame, guilt, and fear, Satan had the power and control. Stepping into the light and sharing “the secret” with fellow believers broke Satan’s stronghold in my life. Bondage was replaced with true freedom in Christ and authentic relationships with other Believers.


As a “successful” businessman, I thought I could control everything – wife, employees, children, and clients. If only everyone did as I told them to do, then they could be “successful” like me. Then I had teenagers and I became powerless. In recovery, I learned some tools that I could use when I felt powerless over our children’s choices and other events in our life. More importantly, I learned that the 12 Step Program, on which Recovery For Life is based, is a biblical model for my restoration from being so controlling of other’s lives. It is only through this program that I learned to see myself more objectively, know when my self-will was keeping me from realizing God’s will and live the abundant life that Christ intended for us.


“Meeting weekly with a group of men committed to applying the 8 principles and following the 12 steps has been a huge encouragement to me. They accept and love me. I have been able to communicate the same love and acceptance to others who desire freedom from their compulsive behaviors. It’s amazing to see how Jesus works in the lives of those who trust Him!”


“The 12 steps are a biblically based way to live your life. Celebrate Recovery Northwest is a “safe place” where you can take off your “mask” and be real and honest without fear. Each time I have worked the steps, God has been faithful to reveal additional areas of my life I need to surrender and release to him. That release and surrender has always lead to freedom from bondage.”